CONVO 2018 Thank You

Thank you to all lifeguards — attendees, participants, volunteers, Church organizations, clergy – everyone for your support and making Convo 2018 such a beautiful experience.


When I donate to CONVO, where does my money go?

You can chose a special project for CONVO, underwrite an entire event or part of one at CONVO, or make a general donation in support of the many expenses encountered in conducting CONVO 2018. Your help is deeply appreciated and you will be remembered in a special way at all CONVO Holy Masses. 

How can I donate to CONVO?

You can donate securely right here. Please use our encrypted and secure donation form.

Where can I share my CONVO volunteer stories?

You can share your stories in our Facebook group.

Where are your offices located?

CONVO 2018 is being planned by youth and adult mentors from the Central Diocese of the PNCC. The Diocesan Chancery is located at 515 East Locust Street, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18505.

What happens at CONVO?

CONVO 2018 includes volunteer events and work for charity, thematic presentations, field trips, great food, and fun events. CONVO builds our relationship to Jesus, our fellowship, and inspires lifelong connections between our youth, young adults, their chaperones, and Church leaders.


CONVO began as an initiative of the Buffalo-Pittsburgh Diocese of the PNCC. The first official CONVO was held in 1964. From that small start, CONVO has grown to a Church-wide international event. Held every two years, CONVO 2018 will mark the 27th Anniversary of our gathering together to build up the Body of Christ.



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