Anointed Lifeguards to Rebuild the Church, Rebuild the City

Anointed Lifeguards to Rebuild the Church, Rebuild the City, based on the Old Testament Book of Nehemiah, is the theme for Convo 2018.

The prophet and rebuilder Nehemiah exhibited strong leadership qualities all informed by and marked with a total faith commitment. These qualities were marshaled by God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Nehemiah:

  • stood aware,
  • exhibited patience,
  • worked according to God’s timing,
  • pre-planned,
  • led, including by example,
  • delegated authority,
  • persevered through challenges,
  • remained steadfast, and
  • focused, prayed, worshiped, and disciplined.

Throughout Convo 2018 we will educate on Nehemiah’s leadership and inculcate in our youth a desire to lead and rebuild the Church. The fruit of rebuilding the Church will be the rebuilding of the communities in which the Church exists.

Our goal is to have Church youth take on measurable rebuilding efforts at the local, diocesan, and Church wide levels.