Meeting Notes from April 8, 2017

Thank you to everyone who turned out and traveled for our April 8th meeting. Much was accomplished.

The Diocesan Youth Board appointed by our Bishop at the prior Diocesan Synod approved the slate of nominees for the Convo 2018 Committee.

President: Maddie Hughes
Vice President: Jake Gerardi
2nd Vice president for Finance: Elizabeth Pfohl
Secretary: Rebecca Kotula
Treasurer: Nicholas Pfohl
Board Members:
  • Timmy Jacob Stankowski
  • Victoria Konicki
  • Halle Maciag
  • Michael Cyman
  • Alex Mludzik
  • Zuzanna Pociecha
  • Matt Kotula

If anyone else would like to join the committee, please let us know.

We revised the list of potential locations and the RFP will be going out.

The Convo bank account has been established with the Spójnia Credit Union. A letter for start up funds will be sent to the National Church.

There was much discussion on our theme. The consensus was: ” Lifeguards — Anointed to Rebuild the Church, Rebuild the City,” based on the Old Testament Book of Nehemiah.

There was additional discussion on possible service projects and speakers. Committee members were urged to generate ideas and also to reach out to other parishes in their local area.

Our next meeting will coincide with RFP questions and submissions.

Solicitation to Bid – Request for Proposal

The Central Diocese of the Polish National Catholic Church is soliciting bids from Colleges and Universities for the hosting of Convocation 2018. Our objective is to select a best value venue that meets the requirements identified in this Request for Proposal (RFP) and Invitation Letter.

Within the RFP you will find all the information necessary to address bid requirements.

Proposals are to be received by June 2, 2017.