Pictures – The Past 12 Months of Planning

…and documentation of Fr. Jim’s ever growing baldness.

Convo 2018 Events Schedule

Registration Now Open

Hello All!

Two years have flown by so fast. And now, on behalf of the 2018 Convo Committee, I would like to say how excited we are that Convo is here again!

Registration is now open for Convo 2018! This year, the Central Diocese has prepared a fantastic theme: “Anointed Lifeguard: You Have Been Chosen, Anointed, Empowered, and Blessed to Do Jesus’ Work.”

Convo will be hosted at The University of Scranton, July 23-27, 2018. We have great speakers lined up, on-site and off-site activities, a community service project to benefit homeless teens, Holy Mass at St. Stanislaus Cathedral, a dance, and an excursion to Kalahari Water Park! All we need is YOU to be there to help US enjoy this amazing week of sharing faith, friends, and fun.

If you have never been to a PNCC youth convocation, let me assure you that you will be in for a treat. Participants are ages 12-20. Chaperones and guests are 21+. And we spend a week together expressing our faith through worship, music, and creative activities. Make 2018 the year YOU decide to go!

Download the 2018 application and helpful hints regarding participation expectations.

Raffle tickets to win two Visa Gift Cards have been mailed to every parish. Winners will be drawn during the Convo week. This raffle is integral to defraying the cost of the Convo, we encourage you to participate and to encourage your fellow parishioners to buy a ticket or three. We ask that all applications, raffle ticket stubs and money (checks only, made out to Convo 2018 Committee) be sent in no later than July 1, 2018.

Find us on Facebook. You can also download registration forms from the PNCC website. Check in regularly for updates, reminders, deadlines, and maybe a few pictures of Convos past and more!

We cannot wait to see our old friends and look forward to welcoming many new ones!

God Bless,

Maddie Hughes
President, 2018 Convo Committee

Countdown to Convo 2018

The Central Diocese of the Polish National Catholic Church is proud to announce that Convo 2018 will be held on the campus of The University of Scranton in Scranton, PA, July 23 through July 27, 2018.

YES! It’s time to get ready for the next P.N.C.C. National Youth Convocation. Clear your schedule, reserve the last week of July 2018, and get ready for the absolutely best week of the year.

We have a great committee of hard-working youth who are leading all planning efforts:
President, Maddie Hughes; Vice President, Jake Gerardi; 2nd Vice president for Finance, Elizabeth Pfohl; Secretary, Rebecca Kotula; Treasurer, Nicholas Pfohl; Board Members, Timmy Stankowski, Jacob Stankowski, Victoria Konicki, Halle Maciag, Michael Cyman, Alex Mludzik, Zuzanna Pociecha, and Matt Kotula. There are also many other UYA members who are participating in many capacities alongside their committee.

President Maddie Hughes is putting out an open invitation to any young person in the Central Diocese to feel welcome in joining in the preparations of this fantastic event:

For kids interested in attending, you won’t regret it if you do. I have gone to three Convos so far. At each one, I have learned so much about our Church and have also made some of the best friends in the world. Now, I can say I have friends in all different states and not just from my own parish. You may not know what it’s all about, it’s a little different each time, but don’t worry. COME ANYWAY! This is an opportunity for kids young and old… even adults are welcome.

If you feel this is the year you want to be part of a P.N.C.C. National Youth Convocation, we would love your personal support as well as the support of your parishes and seniorates. Reach out to us and ask how you can help; there will be many types of opportunities, for example; chaperoning or underwriting portions of entertainment and supplies. Something big or something small, all are equally important and are needed. You are needed.

Up-to-date Convo 2018 information and news is posted on the following mediums:

God bless our adult advisors, our Prime Bishop and Bishops, our Youth Chaplain, Fr. Jim Konicki, and all of you for helping to build our Church.

Anointed Lifeguards to Rebuild the Church, Rebuild the City

Anointed Lifeguards to Rebuild the Church, Rebuild the City, based on the Old Testament Book of Nehemiah, is the theme for Convo 2018.

The prophet and rebuilder Nehemiah exhibited strong leadership qualities all informed by and marked with a total faith commitment. These qualities were marshaled by God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Nehemiah:

  • stood aware,
  • exhibited patience,
  • worked according to God’s timing,
  • pre-planned,
  • led, including by example,
  • delegated authority,
  • persevered through challenges,
  • remained steadfast, and
  • focused, prayed, worshiped, and disciplined.

Throughout Convo 2018 we will educate on Nehemiah’s leadership and inculcate in our youth a desire to lead and rebuild the Church. The fruit of rebuilding the Church will be the rebuilding of the communities in which the Church exists.

Our goal is to have Church youth take on measurable rebuilding efforts at the local, diocesan, and Church wide levels.

Meeting Notes from April 8, 2017

Thank you to everyone who turned out and traveled for our April 8th meeting. Much was accomplished.

The Diocesan Youth Board appointed by our Bishop at the prior Diocesan Synod approved the slate of nominees for the Convo 2018 Committee.

President: Maddie Hughes
Vice President: Jake Gerardi
2nd Vice president for Finance: Elizabeth Pfohl
Secretary: Rebecca Kotula
Treasurer: Nicholas Pfohl
Board Members:
  • Timmy Jacob Stankowski
  • Victoria Konicki
  • Halle Maciag
  • Michael Cyman
  • Alex Mludzik
  • Zuzanna Pociecha
  • Matt Kotula

If anyone else would like to join the committee, please let us know.

We revised the list of potential locations and the RFP will be going out.

The Convo bank account has been established with the Spójnia Credit Union. A letter for start up funds will be sent to the National Church.

There was much discussion on our theme. The consensus was: ” Lifeguards — Anointed to Rebuild the Church, Rebuild the City,” based on the Old Testament Book of Nehemiah.

There was additional discussion on possible service projects and speakers. Committee members were urged to generate ideas and also to reach out to other parishes in their local area.

Our next meeting will coincide with RFP questions and submissions.

Solicitation to Bid – Request for Proposal

The Central Diocese of the Polish National Catholic Church is soliciting bids from Colleges and Universities for the hosting of Convocation 2018. Our objective is to select a best value venue that meets the requirements identified in this Request for Proposal (RFP) and Invitation Letter.

Within the RFP you will find all the information necessary to address bid requirements.

Proposals are to be received by June 2, 2017.


First Convo 2018 Meeting

The first Convo 2018 meeting was held at the National Church Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania on March 11th.  Much was accomplished including a review of timelines, the sharing of ideas for locations and themes, review of confidential documents, nominations for a Board, and a pretty good To Do list.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 8th at 2pm at the Chancery of the Central Diocesan.

Check out our Facebook Group, Convo 2018, for all the details.

Hello PNCC!

Planning for CONVO 2018 is just beginning, and we are nearly two years away, yet the excitement and anticipation is already here. If you have ideas, want to offer input, or a prayer, please contact us and let us know.

Pray Today

The power of prayer is stronger than we can even imagine. It can be really hard for us to believe Jesus’ promises, but as God all He said is true and deserves our trust. What we ask of the Father in the name of His Son Jesus will be done for us. It is true.

The CONVO 2018 planning group needs your prayers. Please pray for us – that we receive the strength needed to carry out this task, that our work lead only to God’s glory, and that our faith ever increase.

So too, pray for all of the Church’s youth and young adults. May their local parishes be successful in sending many to CONVO 2018. May they be blessed and protected in all endeavors, and may their witness bring many of their peers to know, love, and serve the Lord.